Download stockroom demo

This is a working copy of the FCC Stockroom Inventory with a sample data file. FCC Stockroom Inventory runs on WindowsXP, Windows 7,Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Follow the instructions below to install the demo. Installing on Windows 11 requires technical support from Fogle Computing, but takes no longer than the regular install. Call us. 828-697-9080
Working demo:
  • Click the following file: STDEMO.ZIP
  • Save the file to a temporary folder.
  • Extract the files to the same folder, and read readme.txt.
  • The user's manual is also now in the temporary folder, and you can browse it with Microsoft Word.
  • Locate and double click SETUP to begin the demo installation, and take all of the defaults.
  • Input -- User ID = A and Password = A to access the demo.